Tomball Memorial High School Senior Parent Organization

Project Prom 2020 Committee Chairs

Baggage Claim: SHANNA HALL

Contact Board Vice President: Viviana Molnar

Responsibilities: Purchase/get donated garment bags for girls and boys, create labels to go into garment bags, organize distribution process, schedule organizing party prior to Project Prom to assemble labels and bags, coordinate lost and found station.

Volunteers: Chair needed

Contact Board Vice President of Volunteers: Laura Preusse and Demietra Thierry

Responsibilities: Work with VP of Volunteers to determine number of volunteers for each station, set up time slots based on needs of that station, ensure communication is disseminated in a timely manner so volunteers are kept up to date on responsibilities and time commitments.

Stations/Activities: 2 Chairs needed

Contact Board Vice President of Fundraising: Jennifer Whiting

Responsibilities: Work with vendor chair to ensure all necessary items are purchased, donated, or reserved for each station, work with board and vendor chair to set up map for all stations/activities, ensure all necessary items are organized and ready for set up prior to project prom, provide volunteer chair with all responsibilities/information for each station so they can inform their volunteers, order passports and stamps, order supplies for backdrops and photo booth.


Contact Board Vice President of Membership: Gloria Tann

Responsibilities: Work with board to create a logistical plan for check-in procedures, organize all materials and lists needed for volunteers, determine volunteer needs and provide those numbers to volunteer chair, provide volunteer chair with responsibilities/information to be shared with check-in volunteers.

Large/Small Raffle: Large Raffles-ANGIE MCPHERSON, Small Raffles-LESLIE APOLSKIS

Contact Board Treasurer: Christine Jones

Responsibilities: Work with board to determine quantity of raffles needed (goal is to have every Senior receive a prize), work with treasurer to secure a budget prior to purchasing, obtain prior approval from treasurer when purchasing large items over $100 value, purchase or get donated prizes and ensure that all receipts are provided to the treasurer, provide names and information of any business or individual who donates a prize to Peyton Cascarelli for documentation and Kelley Craft for recognition via social media.

Vendors: Chair needed

Contact: TBD

Responsibilities: Work with board to get names from past events and suggestions, schedule all vendors (have this done no later than 2/1/20), provide treasurer with information of cost and liability or insurance information.


Contact Board Secretary: Lynda Kersh

Responsibilities: Purchase or receive donations for candy, communicate with VP of Communications on donations that are needed, purchase container for students to put candy in (ex: bags), ask to borrow a variety of glass containers and utensils to store and distribute candy, purchase new decorations or borrow decorations from prior year.