All you need to know about the After Prom Party (a.k.a. Project Prom), read commonly asked questions and answers below.

Where is the Party?

At Main Event in the Woodlands.

What is SPO? How can I join?

The SPO is the Senior Parent Organization and is tasked to provide fun and meaningful activities for TMHS students during their senior year, as well as to organize an After Prom Party where seniors can celebrate in a safe environment. You can join online.

How do we register my student?

You can register your student online, click here to sign him or her up. Registration will be available after Easter at the school, during the lunch period.

Can my son's date come? She is from another District?

Yes, you will be able to sign non-senior dates up online as well as during lunch periods after Easter. Please note that we require a permission form for non-TISD students. You also need to fill out the "Prom Guest Form". You can sign the date up and pay the fee online.

What is included?

All activities, food and prizes. 

How much does it cost?

The After Prom Party is FREE for all TMHS seniors but there is a $40 charge for dates. Dates will have access to all the activities, food, and will have their own raffle. Dates can go home with the student if a parent volunteered at the event. A release form will be required. 

How do kids get there?

Students can ride a TISD bus from prom to Main Event (for planning purposes, you'll need to indicate how you plan to arrive at the time you sign up), or they can use their limo, or they can drive over in their own car. Please note that students will not be allowed to drive home after the Party. Cars can be picked up by parents or can be left in the hotel parking lot. 

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, TISD buses will take students from the Marriott Resort to Main Event, then Main Event to TMHS in the morning.

Can I pick up my child early?

No, it is a lock-in. You cannot pick up your child at Main Event. Participating students need to ride a bus to TMHS after the Party. Parents have to pick up their student from TMHS. If you volunteer at the After Prom Party (you need to be an SPO member and have to sign up as a TISD Volunteer) then you will be able to take your student and his or her date home. No exceptions.

My student does not want to attend prom, can she come to the After Prom Party?

Yes, it is not a requirement for students to go to prom in order to attend the After Prom Party. In this case, students have to get themselves to Main Event.

What kind of prizes do you have?

We have grand prizes (valued at least at $250 and over) and raffle prizes. List of grand prizes:

•Apple watches
•Nintendo Switch
•Gift cards (min. $250 and up)

I cannot volunteer but would like to help? Can you suggest ways I can contribute?

Yes, you can make a donation (see link on our homepage), you can attend our spirit event at HopDoddy's on March 27th, you can join the SPO.

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​After ProM Party
(Project Prom)

May 19th @ Main Event

12 am - 5 am

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